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TOKIWA-Bio is a gene-cell therapy and regenerative medicine product development company which has developed Stealth RNA Vector(SRV) an innovative technology of gene expression system. The SRV is the world-first RNA vector stabilized in cytoplasm and capable to install at least 10 genes on single vector.


By developing the Japan-origin Stealth RNA Vector (SRV) technology in the advanced medical field, we will contribute to the advancement of gene-therapy medicine and keep up the competitiveness as well in the field of regenerative medicine in Japan.


By combining regenerative medicine and stem cell technology accumulated in Japan with the Stealth RNA Vector (SRV), as a Japanese venture company our goal for business development is contributing to the world.


Contributing as a fair, sincere and trustworthy member of the society with ambition and honesty to pursue and to create businesses that are useful for the society.