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TOKIWA-Bio is a gene-cell therapy and regenerative medicine product development company which has developed Stealth RNA Vector(SRV) an innovative technology of gene expression system. The SRV is the world-first RNA vector stabilized in cytoplasm and capable to install at least 10 genes on single vector.

Stealth RNA Vector (SRV) technology contributes to the industrialization of gene therapy and regenerative medicine. The Stealth RNA Vector (SRV)(*), our underlying technology, is the only technology in the world that can express genes stably in the cytoplasm for a long period of time by using RNA that is not inserted into the chromosome as a platform. Since up to 10 genes can be expressed simultaneously in one vector and SRV can be removed when it became unnecessary, which makes it possible to realize gene therapy that requires high safety and advanced reprogramming. SRV is also the optimum technology required for the industrialization of regenerative medicine.
(*) SRV was developed at The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST).
The technological innovativeness of the Stealth RNA Vector (SRV) demonstrates its power in various fields.

Gene therapy drugs

Currently, the gene therapy drugs are on the market worldwide, whereas Japan by and large has been lagging behind. In particular, highly safe vectors development does not advance here in Japan. As many highly safe vectors have been developed overseas and put to practical use in gene therapy fields that creates problems as most of the economic activation runoff from Japan. Stealth RNA Vectors are conducive to solving this situation and we are aspired to expand it worldwide.

Regenerative medicine fields

Whereas, Japan is leading the world in basic research of iPS cells, however, has been lagging behind in practical applications for regenerative medicine. In the field of regenerative medicine technology by reprogramming various cells, Stealth RNA Vector (SRV) that can introduce multiple genes simultaneously into the cell contemplates as the de facto global standard of iPS cell production method, and so by manufacturing safe and high quality clinical grade iPS cells at low cost, we will contribute to the regenerative medicine worldwide.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing/Cancer treatment

Stealth RNA Vector (SRV) can obtain cells that stably express the gene in a short period of time. Further more, it is possible to adjust the gene expression level to be introduced to a level suitable for biopharmaceutical manufacture. It can also be used as a vector for differentiating and amplifying ex vivo by iPS conversion of antitumor T-cells or as a vector for expressing a chimeric molecule on a specific cell surface.