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Tokiwa Bio Inc., was founded in December 2014 and started activities from March 2015 as a technology transfer venture that conducts business by using the research results of The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST).

Projects of Expression Vector Development

The iPS cells is produced in all over the world, but there are few technologies to control expression of plural genes. SeVdp vector is distributed from AIST to all over the world for evaluation, and got a high evaluation in every facilities. The next aim is manufacture of clinical-use iPS cells safely, and it is accomplished by Tokiwa-Bio’s innovation which evolved more.

Projects of Device development

It is possible to produce full automatic devices of iPS cells from monocyte by using Tokiwa-Bio’s innovation.

Projects of Cell Drug Development

● Various functional cells derived from iPS cells for regenerative medicine
● Vectors that can reprogram target cells to purpose cells directly
● Somatic cells for transfusions that express plural gene efficiently